Marque Santafe

Navigation System - 2013 & up

The Santa Fe is a mid-size SUV that is completely changing the way that people think about the family car. The Santa Fe features the kind of leading edge design that Hyundai is already world famous for, proving that families no longer have to sacrifice style or quality just because they need a vehicle that can easily accommodate the whole family. Its full range of features, stylish design, safety, and sophistication make this the full package, with the usual Hyundai attention to every single detail.

Seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, the Compass-NAV High Performance MULTIFUNCTION NAVIGATION SYSTEM makes this SUV more fun to drive than any other vehicle in its class on the market today. The MULTIFUNCTION NAVIGATION SYSTEM fits directly into the dash and offers all of the latest features expected from Hyundai and then some. Every aspect of the Compass-NAV navigation system works together with the Santa Fe to create an all-in-one control center for navigation, music and multimedia, and naturally, all of the original factory features such as XM radio, USB ports, and steering wheel controls are maintained.

Retained Santa Fe features include:

  • - Steering wheel controls including Voice Commands
  • - Satellite Radio
  • - Bluetooth®
  • - HD Radio (if equipped)
  • - Blue Link® (if equipped)
  • - USB & Auxiliary ports
  • - iPod playback
  • - Factory Climate Controls
  • - Factory reverse camera (if equipped)

The Compass-NAV navigation and media control system for the Hyundai Santa Fe includes everything a driver could ask for and more: satellite and HD radio, multimedia ports (USB and auxiliary) for smart phone, MP3 player or any other supported multimedia device connectivity. Bluetooth® and audio streaming are also supported, offering even more ways to enjoy a ride in the Santa Fe.

The Compass-NAV integrated navigation system features:

  • - Modern user interface for North American customer
  • - Distinctive unit look for the Santa Fe
  • - Speed and responsiveness even in multitasking mode, thanks to the fast processor and memory
  • - "Quick Menu” exclusive feature
  • - 2 different home screens, 1 user customizable wallpaper
  • - Music album art from external media such has USB key, SDCARD or portable hard drive
  • - Exclusive HD 1080p Video playback from external media
  • - Integrated Memo Pad, Photo Album, and distinctive Clock Screen
  • - External video player hookup capability

The Compass-NAV High Performance MULTIFUNCTION NAVIGATION SYSTEM retains the sophisticated hands free voice command feature which allows to speak instructions to the radio and to control compatible multimedia devices, all without taking one’s hands off the wheel for a moment. It's a feature which combines convenience, comfort, safety and style; in other words, it perfectly encapsulates what the Hyundai Santa Fe is all about.

Compass-NAV GPS and navigation features include:

  • Navigation multitasking with other multimedia capabilities
  • Exclusive iGO Primo 2.0 Premium navigation package BLUE SKIN
  • Pre-loaded maps for North America by Navteq
  • True 3D rendering Open GL of: 3D City Buildings, 3D Lane Assist and guidance, 3D Exits, Real Junction views and real signposts, Real Countryroad shields
  • On route POI's for the next 3 exits
  • Automatic map scale depending on driving speed
  • On screen selectable POI's and branded POI's
  • Text-to-Speech PRO (fluent pronunciation)
  • Street names spelling (TTS Pro)
  • Smart data entry
  • Route alternative comparison, multipoint route
  • Proximity, road condition, speed limit alerts
  • User Speed Camera database

The Compass-NAV High Performance MULTIFUNCTION NAVIGATION SYSTEM has taken a giant step up and placed the driver at the highest priority.

Marque Santafe
Factory Touchscreen and backup camera - Santa Fe 2013-2015
Marque Santafe
Navigation Interface - Santa Fe 2013-2015
Marque Santafe
Radio interface for standard audio - Santa Fe 2013-2015
Marque Santafe Backup view - Santa Fe 2013-2015


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