Detailed Hardware Specifications


Retain all your factory features such as:
- Steering wheel controls (VOL+/-, Track+/-, Mode, Voice dial, Answer/Hang-up
- XM Radio
- Bluetooth
- HD Radio
- Bluelink
- IPOD playback
- Factory Climate control

Base kit includes:
1- High Quality plastic trim that matches your factory look and finish.
2- Large 7 or 8 inch display pre-assembled into the plastic trim.
3- 6 sets of cable for connectivity (see below)
4- 1 external speaker
5- 1 high power GPS antenna
6- Brackets and mounting screw
7- Trip interface board and cables
8- 1 SDCARD 8 Gig preloaded with IGO Primo with preloaded NAVTEQ map for USA & Canada
9- 1 SDCARD to USB adapter
10- 1 set of User Manuals loaded on SDcard
11- 1 Set of Installation manuals loaded on SDCard
12- A Thank You letter with authenticity certificate with serial number.
13- Warranty card
14- Bill of materials and check list.

- Boot time in less than 7 seconds to Home screen, 17 seconds Navigation fully loaded!
- 7 or 8 inch screen, 800 X 480 resolution, 32 bit color depth, super bright 500 candela with very high contrast and graphic details.
- 2.12 Ghz CPU Automotive grade, the fastest in the industry for this class. "EXCLUSIVE"
- 512 Megs RAM, among the highest in the industry "EXCLUSIVE"
- 512 Megs NAND Flash permanent storage
Audio Section
- Realtek ALC5623
- Digital-to-Analog Converter with 92dB SNR and –85dB THD+N
- Analog-to-Digital Converter with 85dB SNR and –80dB THD+N
- Stereo headphone output with on-chip 45mW headphone driver (AVDD=3.3V, 16Ω load)
- 3 channels separated logic (2+1)
- 10 Band graphic Equalizer.

Main I/O:
- 1 USB 2.0 Host port
- 1 Serial port GPS
- Backup Camera Reverse Gear sensing
- Backup Camera Input
- 1 A/V in
- 1 AUX out
- 1 Speaker 2Watts

- 1 A/V out
- 1 IR in
- 1 Mic
- 1 Serial port TMC RDS tuner for Traffic Alerts in Navigation "EXCLUSIVE"

External Accessory Box:
- 1 SD Card slot, for GPS
- 1 USB 2.0 Host port
- 1 Reset

Trim Kit: - High quality plastic OEM matching color and finish
- High class distinctive illuminated Chrome Keypad with 8 shortcut key and one Volume/ON/OFF volume knob. We use our own high quality keypad,not the one commonly available on the market.
- Relocated Passenger Airbag /Seat Belt warning lights.
- All you need is bundled in the kit.

User Interface - Refreshed UI for North American customer.
- Distinctive radio interface for your model. We don't share the same radio interface among the whole car line-up. Your model is distinctive! "EXCLUSIVE"
- Fast and responsive interface even in multitasking mode, thanks to the fast processor and memory.
- "Quick Menu", easy access to other device functions with only two key press from anywhere. "EXCLUSIVE"
- 2 different home screens, 1 user customizable wallpaper.
- Music Album Art from external media such has USB key, SDCARD or portable hard drive.
- HD 1080p Video playback from external media such has USB key, SDCARD or portable hard drive. "EXCLUSIVE"
- Memo Pad, write your quick shopping list!
- Photo Album for your favorite pictures of the beloved ones.
- External Video player such as portable DVD player or game console.
- Distinctive Clock Screen with car speed in MPH or KM/h. GPS time synchro.
- Navigation multitasking with other multimedia capabilities without lag!
- "Instant Rear Backup" rear view as soon as the car is engage into reverse gear, even if the device is not fully booted!
- Parking Assist System, trajectory prediction by monitoring front steering wheel position.
- "Intelligent Sound Routing" Navigation sound will be routed automatically to the external speaker if the factory radio is busy at playing other sources.

- IGO Primo 2.0 Premium navigation package BLUE SKIN "EXCLUSIVE":
- Pre-loaded maps for North America by Navteq
- True 3D rendering Open GL
- 3D City Buildings
- 3D lane Assist and guidance
- Real Junction views and real signposts
- Real Country road shields
- 3D Exits
- On route POI's for the next 3 exits (User customizable) on your finger tip
- Automatic map scale depending on your driving speed
- On screen selectable POI's
- Branded POI's
- Text to Speech PRO (fluent pronunciation)
- Street names spelling (TTS Pro)
- Smart data entry
- Route alternative comparison
- Multipoint route
- Proximity alerts
- Road condition alerts
- User Speed Camera database
- Speed limits.
- Much more


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