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How do I adjust the screen’s brightness?
The Compass-NAV system supports two ways of adjusting the screen’s brightness. The system supports Day and Night brightness, ranging from 0 to 10. The manual mode will increase or decrease the brightness based a preset setting according to time of the day. We also have an Auto mode where the screen will increase or decrease its brightness based on Sunrise and Sunset times.
What is the “Mini” mode?
The mini mode enables the user to see the radio status window into a minimized mode. This is very convenient when the screen is in the navigation mode, i.e. you can view the radio status as well as; caller ID, XM Satellite radio station, MP3 song, etc.…
Do I have to wait until the system is ready before I can see my backup view?
No, the backup view is always available with or without the system being fully booted.
My car does not have a reverse camera; can I add one with your system?
Yes. Ask our sales representative for available options.
How do I adjust the clock?
The Compass-NAV does not require time adjustment. The system time is synchronized with the GPS satellites. Just ensure that the Regional setting within your navigation software is set to AUTO.
What type of keypad comes with the Compass-NAV system?
The keypad depends mostly on the space available to fit the replacement finishing trim. Please look up your specific vehicle in our “Product” section to see the available keypad for your vehicle.
Where is the GPS antenna located?
The GPS antenna inside the dashboard.

Is the GPS reception quality affected?
No, our amplified GPS can connect with up to 20 satellites.
Can I play videos?
Yes, the Compass-NAV system can play videos using it’s own USB port.
Does it play DVD’s?
It does, using our standard Audio/Video input with a separate portable DVD player (not available from Compass-NAV.
Can you play Music?
Yes, you can build up to four (4) playlist for a total up to 4000 songs. The Compass-NAV also supports album artwork!
Can I add back seat screen(s) to the Compass-NAV system?
Yes, Compass-NAV comes with a standard Audio/ Video output for a second zone entertainment system. Our system does not mirror the front screen; our second zone is entirely independent. Additionally, Compass-NAV offers, as an option, a wireless remote control where rear passengers have full control of their movie playback without disturbing the driver.
What is the Remote Control offered as an option?
Compass-NAV offers, as an option, a wireless remote control where rear passengers have full control of their movie playback without disturbing the driver.
What is the Parking Assist offered as an option?
Compass-NAV Parking Assist monitors the steering wheel movement and displays dynamic parking lines based on moving the steering wheel. This option is offered on certain models only. Contact our sales for more details.
What is the warranty of the Compass-NAV system?
Our system matches Hyundai & Kia 3 years standard warranty regardless of the mileage.
What is the difference between your system and other systems?
A novel can be written highlighting the difference between our system and other low cost solutions but let us say a few:
  • Only our technology is capable of retaining all of the factory features.
  • Our systems are manufactured in Korea but assembled and customized in Canada; quality is not compromised.
  • Our customer service support is located in North America as well as spare parts.
  • We have a warranty coverage that nobody else offers.
  • We meet all regulations.
  • We don’t sell illegal material.
  • We tailor our product to minimize driver distraction.
  • And much more…
Will I lose my center console USB and Auxiliary ports?
No, the Compass-NAV will preserve their functions exactly the way you are using them now.
Will my steering wheel controls work after the upgrade?
Yes and the Compass-NAV system will preserve their same functions.
Will I lose my steering wheel voice command?
No, the Compass-NAV will preserve the system voice command built into the factory head unit.
Will I keep my Hyundai BlueLink?
Yes, we preserve the Hyundai Telematics system.
Does Compass-NAV compromise the factory climate controls?
No, if the climate controls are part of the factory trim, they are transferred during the upgrade process.
Does Compass-NAV system require a separate microphone?
No, Compass-NAV is integrated with your factory microphone and no additional microphones are required.
Will I lose my KIA UVO system?
No, Compass-NAV system integrates 100% with your Kia UVO smart system.
My car was equipped with a factory reverse camera, will I lose it or do I need to install another one?
No, Compass-NAV integrates with your factory reverse camera seamlessly. Even better, your factory reverse camera will be displayed full screen on our 7 or 8 inches screen! Increasing viewing and clarity of your camera compared to previous smaller screen.
Is Compass-NAV compatible around the world?
No, OEM integration is very complex. Each country has its own set of factory features and safety. Compass-NAV guarantees their system to be compatible for the USA and Canada markets only.
What maps are loaded with Compass-NAV?
Compass-NAV includes USA and Canada maps, as well as Alaska and Puerto Rico.
Can I add maps for other countries?
Yes you can but; at your own cost from FYI our system will function with countries that share our borders.
How many Points of Interest do you have with your package?
Compass-NAV’s navigation package is delivered with 14M POIs.
How do I update my maps?
Your Compass-NAV system was delivered with a User Manual in which you will find the a detailed procedure to follow.
I just purchased my Compass-NAV system but maps are slightly outdated?
If you are a proud new Compass-NAV owner, you have 30 days to download free the most up to date maps from We value your business and this is one way to reward your trust in us.
I wish to add 3D building to my navigation, how do I purchased them?
This is a standard feature with your Compass-NAV package.
Does your navigation system support “lane assist”?
Yes, even more, the Compass-NAV package has advanced lane assist where it will also assist you, not only on highways, but rural streets too!
How long do I have to wait to acquire satellites before I can start using the navigation?
You don’t have to wait, the Compass-NAV system uses and advanced algorithm GPS chip where it predicts the satellites location when your turn on the ignition. By the time you start the navigation software, all required satellites are already locked.
What does “driver alert” refer to in your features?
This added feature will show, on the screen, any of the road signs warning you are about to approach i.e. danger zone like School Zone, slippery road, moose crossing, etc… The Compass-NAV system will trigger a warning way before you can see the road sign by showing it in gray, it will turn yellow when you actually hit the actual zone.
Are speed cams warning available for your system?
Yes, it is available for North America from for a very small fee.
I see that iGO offers 3D landscape, does your system offer that feature?
Yes, you will see mountains and valleys as you drive.
I’m seeing systems similar to the Compass-NAV where the iGO software is free, why would I pay for yours?
First, the iGO software is part of the system we are selling; it is not an additional cost. However, many of our competitors are unscrupulously advertising the iGO software as a free add-on. Reason for this, is that they are sending you an illegal copy of the software where does not support it. In other words, you purchased a navigation system that you can’t update.
My Navigation SD Card was damaged, what can I do?
We encourage our customers to always do a backup of their navigation SD Card with Naviextras ToolBox as soon as possible. If something happens to your SD Card, you can always restore the content of your SD Card that was stored on your computer.
Does your system support Live Traffic?
Yes, for a very small fee you will get lifetime traffic events.


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