Check out the International Standart Sizes of the Badminton Court

  Are you a  badminton  fan? If so, do you  know what is  the certainty of the  size of the  international standard of this badminton court?  Surely some of you  don’t know it yet  , right?  This  sports field has  a    rectangular shape and has an International standard size that already has clear rules.

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  Badminton is the most popular and highly relied upon type of sport in various prestigious cup competitions.   Even Indonesia several times managed to bring pial pride. In general, the field of this badminton sport  is divided into two parts of the  field which  will later be filled by the two opponents who will compete.

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Well, here are the International Standard Sizes Of Badminton

Line Of  Badminton  Sports Grounds

Well, for the international standard size, this badminton court has a field line  length of 13.40 meters wide  for both doubles players and  singles players.  While  the width of the  badminton sports field is 5.18 meters with a  length of 4.77 meters from   the service  recipient, for the  width of  the receiving field of  2.59 meters.

For the sports field, the  tank book used by  the double party is in the form of a side line  with aninner n  divide and  a strip with an outer part  that has a  size of 6.10 meters with a size of 6.10 meters with length  11.88 meters wide.  By knowing what the exact size of the sports service area  is  , you  can anticipate if there are offenders.

The Size of  the Net Used by The  Sports Book Tanks

Not only the  international standard size of the  badminton court has been ascertained, the net used has  also been determined.  The color used    by the sports book must be dark withthe  part on the lip of the tissue in white.   The thickness of this  net is 75 mm with a  net  pole height of  1.5 meters long and  a width of 0.75 meters.

For the color of the net  size must  also be according to the standard,  this is used so that players do not lose focus on the net if the net  color is appropriate.  Likewise with the size of the  net  itself, if it is too thin then the net  will not last long, if it is  too thick it can also  cause problems.  Even in terms of  the height of the net pole, it must  also match  the benchmark so that it can slide smoothly.

 Thickness Size  Of  Badminton  Sports Field Line

In addition   to the  international standard  size of the tanks book  field,  this field line  has the thickness of the  tanks book sports field line  has a standard resmi with a special size. This is   intended so that the thickness size  on the field line  does not interfere with the  size of the center field that has been adjusted accordingly.

 Likewise with the  sideline  on  the field, if it is thin, the line  will  definitely not  be obvious because it can trouble the referee’s position  when the  game is running. So make sure the  size of  the international standard  badminton  court  is in accordance with the specified so that  sports activities can run with their s emestinya without gaffes and cheating.

Thus the information about the international standard size of  the badminton court  along with the  net and the thickness of the field line, hopefully the  information above  is useful for those of  you who do not understand the size of  the da ri  badminton  section.  Make sure everything is in accordance with the  size and standards that have been set so that  the sport of badminton can run well.